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The Galbreath Collection

The Galbreath Collection


The Galbreath Collection: A Decade of Collecting Atlanta documents the journey of George and Esohe Galbreath, Black art collectors collecting Black art to conserve and preserve Atlanta's visual art culture.


For more than ten years, George and Esohe have been on an art collecting journey in an effort to showcase, highlight and amplify the works and voices of artists that inspire them. With nearly 200 pieces collected thus far, their desire is to emphasize the accessibility of collecting art as well as how promoting emerging artists lends beauty to our communities and lives. 


The 176-page book features over 100 artwork images from nearly 70 artists. The book is meant to serve as documentation of their journey, highlighting the immense talent that exists in Atlanta and also showing art collecting as accessible to everyone, not just those with monetary wealth.

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