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When it comes to advocacy and support through financial services, business organization and art curation and production, Sohé Solutions prides themselves on being the partner creatives and small business owners can lean on.

Launched in 2012, Sohé Solutions has established themselves as an integral resource for artists and creatives looking for solutions and guidance to assist them with understanding how financial preparedness contributes to the sustainability of their careers. Financial services such as tax preparation and bookkeeping are oftentimes neglected in creative careers and deemed as tasks too lofty and time consuming for an artist that would prefer to focus their attention on their passions. Sohé Solutions serves as the bridge between these cumbersome but absolutely necessary responsibilities and the creative business owner. 


Inspired by her mother’s entrepreneurial spirit and endeavors, Sohé Solutions founder Esohe Galbreath has a deep understanding of what it means for a creative to have the needed support to foster their success. As a young adult with a love for numbers, while her mother was honing in on her creative businesses, Esohe assisted her with tax preparation and price point establishment. It was this exposure to the connection between creativity and business support that would become the foundation for the beginnings of Sohé Solutions.

Along with a focus on the financial aspect of a creative’s business development, Sohé Solutions also supports artists and creative businesses through art collecting, curation and education. Sohé Solutions partner George Galbreath’s 20 years in art education serves as an essential component of their business, providing the additional expertise desired for being an artist’s greatest advocate. As collectors of an extensive and growing art collection, the Galbreaths understand and honor the importance of art’s contribution to our society. It is with this lens that they create and curate mural installations, art exhibits, artist workshops and a myriad of other community driven functions. Sohé Solutions, through their non-profit Youth Arts program, also dedicates their skills to developing artistically talented high school youth by introducing them to art beyond the classroom.

George and Esohe Galbreath

As her grandmother said, “It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep.” Sohé Solutions works to ensure that small businesses and creatives can focus on the passions that generate their income while handling the tasks that keep as much of that income as possible in their pockets. Sohé Solutions is the advocate every creative needs to propel them towards a successful career.

about the founder

Esohe Galbreath

meet Esohe

Esohe Galbreath is the founder and principal of Sohé Solutions, where she supports small businesses and creatives of accounting, finance, and organization.

Esohe completed her collegiate studies in Electrical Engineering at the University of Kentucky. In 2004, she began her career at UPS and held management roles in Distribution Solutions, Implementations, Operations, Engineering, and Transportation Solutions, and in her free time assisted small businesses with planning, financial documentation, and tax preparation. In 2012, Esohe merged her corporate experience with her passion for the arts and working with creatives to form Sohé Solutions – Boutique Small Business Consulting.

In early 2015, Esohe decided to dedicate 100% of her time to her entrepreneurial endeavors. Through consulting clients, Esohe discovered a love and passion for working with creatives, artists, and visionaries and with her husband George was inspired to co-found ARTiculate ATL – an annual art social featuring 30+ artists with 1,000 art enthusiast attendees; and the Youth Artists Program – a 501c3 non-profit bridging the exposure gap of some of Atlanta’s most visually talented youth. Esohe and George are also avid art collectors and recently published The Galbreath Collection: A Decade of Collecting Atlanta featuring over 100 pieces of artwork from 70 artists.

As Esohe continues to immerse herself in Atlanta’s rising artist economy, she recently served as President of the Castleberry Hill Neighborhood Association and finds inspiration living in the historic arts district with her husband George. Esohe is a New Leaders Council (NLC) 2016 Fellow and served as 2018-2020 Co-Director for NLC-Atlanta. She also serves as treasurer for College AIM and for the African Diaspora Art Museum of Atlanta (ADAMA.) Esohe and George are members of the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Esohe and George Galbreath
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